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Our goal is to be an all inclusive brand that creates healthy products and healthy hair. We believe in hair health, freedom of style, and visibility in all people.

"This brand and product have changed how I see the way we treat hair. We must treat it as well as we do our emotions, which is one reason I have used the essential elements to define each product. They are all something we cannot live without, and I feel the same about Lucero Hair Care."

-Joshua Lucero, Founder

Air Texture PasteFire Clay PomadeWater Hard CreamEarth Wax

Signature Collection

These products all have a time and place to be used, but we love breaking boundaries and pushing against the norm! Start stirring things up with your very own!

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We represent all hair types and styles. We want you to embrace what is natural and comfortable for you! Our products deliver any style for any occasion, gauranteed!